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Hey  There,

I am so happy you made it here! Let me introduce myself, my name is Kat, I am the creator of Live to Thrive Blog which is where I spend most of my energy. But, when I am not blogging you can find me daydreaming about saving the planet, taking way to many pictures (of who knows what), fiddling in my garden, & eating one of my beloved yogurt bowls.


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  YourSuper Superfoods

While I do try to eat the best I can, sometimes I fall short of some important nutrients that my body needs. It happens! Especially, the vitamins and minerals needed for strong nails, glowing skin, and smooth hair.

It must have been like Your Super heard my dilemma & popped up on my Instagram Feed advertising their 100% natural & sustainable superfood blends, meant to boost immunity & health. And I must say, I am so happy they did, because I'm obsessed!

Their Story

The company was created when Kristel's partner, Michael was diagnosed with cancer at 24, and was looking for ways to help boost his immunity to help him heal.


In addition to helping Michael, they also helped clear up Kristel's eczema and quickly the ripple effect took place; more and more people feeling amazing by incorporating Your Super in their daily routine. 

Your Super created 7 functional Superfood blends, with a mission to make healthy eating easy for everyone. They have:

  • A 100% transparent supply chain.

  • 3rd party quality control the mixes are: USDA Certified Organic, NON-GMO verified, 100% plant-based and free from gluten, nuts, soy, dairy, sweeteners, fillers, additives, preservatives, flavoring, glyphosate and heavy metals (Whew that's a lot of great words).

  • They source from all over the world to ensure the mixes are the highest quality.

  • And give back after EVERY purchase you make

My favorite


The Forever Beautiful


Having such dry skin, hair, & nails, I really needed something to give it all a boost! This mix is everything! It is an all natural (& tasty) way to get glowing. 

Use Cose Live2thrive

chia Seeds + Acai + Blueberries + Maca + Acerola + Maqui = Ingredients I trust & Love

My  Story

I went into this whole journey with the sole purpose to improve the state of my hair, skin, and nails & I must say, I am impressed.

After mixing the Forever Beautiful mix in my yogurt bowls (or #YOTD if you're on Instagram!) my hair is smoother! Also, my nails do not break, even if I have a month old SNS. Which is AMAZING! Even my skin looks & feels so much better, goodbye dry skin!

I do not plan on ever not having this stuff in my pantry, and with the simple, high-quality ingredients I do not see why you shouldn't either!

Other Amazing   Mixes

  1. Chocolate Lover

  2. Muscle Power

  3. Skinny Protein 

  4. Energy Bomb
  5. Super Green
  6. Power Matcha 


Use Cose Live2thrive

Just so you know, when you purchase Your Super using my coupon code (it's LIVE2THRIVE for 15% off, in case you missed it!) I get an affiliate commission- which supports my mission to bring you the greatest ways to live to thrive. Spread the love!