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I am so happy you made it here! Let me introduce myself, my name is Kat, I am the creator of Live to Thrive Blog which is where I spend most of my energy. But, when I am not blogging you can find me daydreaming about saving the planet, taking way to many pictures (of who knows what), fiddling in my garden, & eating one of my beloved yogurt bowls.


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It is so hard to find high-quality, eco-friendly products! Especially ones that actually work. I was always so reluctant to spend money on a reusable, sustainable product because there are SO many options & no way to know if they live up to the hype.


Well, Amazon came in to save the day when I was looking for some reusable produce bags & I discovered the holy grail of eco-friendly shops, Ecozoi. Needless to say, I ordered the bags & use them ALL THE TIME!


Their Story

Ecozoi's journey of eliminating plastic in our homes, foods, and lives began when they realized how much the world surrounds itself, our kids, and our pets with unhealthy plastics, all while better alternatives exist.

Based out of Austin, TX, USA: Ecozoi’s mission is to redefine a lifestyle with eco-safe and healthy products, creating sustainable happiness and making people’s lives better- one plastic-free product at a time.

Ecozoi creates functional, kitchenware, with a mission to save the planet, save the ocean, stay healthy, & to say no the plastic. They have:

  • Products made from Food Grade Steel

  • A partnership with Eden Restoration; for every purchase one tree is planted

  • Reusable, organic cotton bags

  • Paperless products that are Tree free, BPA free, Pesticides free, Chlorine free

  • Lifetime warranties

  • A women owned company 

My favorite Product

Stainless Steel 3 Compartment Bento  Box


It is my go-to container for packing snacks for work & car rides! It even fits a sandwich, some snap peas, & hummus perfectly! 

Eco-Friendly + BPA Free +Leak Proof +Dishwasher Safe + Kid and Adult Friendly + Life Time Warranty + Plastic Free Packaging

My  Story

As I am getting better overtime about making sustainable swaps, it is getting harder to find exactly what I am looking for. There was never just one shop that had it all (or at least most of what I am looking for) or the shop did not live up to the values of a truly sustainable business.


So, I am so happy that I found Ecozoi because they have a mission to create happier & healthier lifestyles for us and the planet, and this aligns with my mission as well!


I LOVE using these products because I am A) Saving the planet & B) Supporting a Brand that is changing so many lives

Other Amazing   Products

  1. 3-Compartment steel lunch box

  2. Bamboo Cutting boards

  3. Steel popsicle molds

  4. Bamboo Straws & Cuttlery 

  5. Disposable Palm Leaf PLates

  6. Bamboo Drawer Organizers


Just so you know, when you purchase Ecozoi I get an affiliate commission -which supports my mission to bring you the greatest ways to live to thrive. Spread the love!