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Live to Thrive Blog is an

Hey  There,

I am so happy you made it here! Let me introduce myself, my name is Kat, I am the creator of Live to Thrive Blog which is where I spend most of my energy. But, when I am not blogging you can find me daydreaming about saving the planet, taking way to many pictures (of who knows what), fiddling in my garden, & eating one of my beloved yogurt bowls.


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Hey there

I'm Kat, the girl who started a blog on a whim & is obsessed with yogurt bowls. 


I am the founder, and writer for Live to Thrive Blog! I am from a big city (I'm talking high school graduating class of more than 800 students big) that is located north of Atlanta. You can find me daydreaming about saving the planet, taking way to many pictures, fiddling in my garden, or scheming about one of the billion ideas that pop into my head. When I am not working on a project, I will be riding my horse, Bingo (I am sure you just sang the song).


If I had to describe myself I would say I am a busy body and a die-hard perfectionist, and sometimes I don't know when to slow down, but give me a good yogurt bowl and a sunny day, I'll be one happy camper.  


When I am not caught up in the craziness we call life, I love to decompress with some easy yoga, simple cooking, or some bullet journaling. Because let's admit it, it gets tiring being on all the time for everyone and everything. So, sometimes a little downtime gives me the clarity I need to maintain some sanity among all the noise.

I have always had a desire to pursue something bigger than myself, & I have always known that in some way I wanted to serve others who are struggling to create  a healthy life for themselves and the planet. Because I've been where you are, it is hard because there is so much information, opinions, and ideas out there. I am so lucky to be able to use my stories, experiences, and life to inspire others to make these lifestyle shifts because I have seen the impact they are have made in my life. And I cannot wait to see what they have on yours.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are 5 things you might not know about me.

Live to Thrive is a... 

place to come to for inspirations & lessons about living a natural, simple, & balanced lifestyle. Because a gap exists within the Wellness & Lifestyle industry,  there are either food blogs or lifestyle blogs or wellness blogs. Who wants to go to 3 different places? I sure did not. Live to Thrive Blog is your one-stop shop for eating and living naturally.


Also, I saw a need. Today, people yelling off the rooftops about how we should save the planet, so I wanted to create a little silence among the noise. Live to Thrive Blog is a place where you can come to answer your questions, learn practical ways to shift your lifestyle, & deepen your love for the world around you. 


Live to Thrive is here to make a healthy lifestyle exciting & simple again. Somewhere down the road, we lost focus on the true meaning of health. It is not how you look or what you do, it is how you feel and how you live.